Colloidal Germanium

Colloidal germanium is on a list of nanoparticles that are of particular interest. Colloidal germanium particles are highly crystalline in form. Colloidal germanium is highly conductive electronically. Its electrical properties come between the properties of metal and substances that insulate. Germanium is a semi-conductor that is used in transistors and integrated circuits and is comparative to other nanoparticles currently being used in electronic applications.

Colloidal germanium is used as a remedy for several physical symptoms and also for symptoms of depression. Germanium is a natural element and when presented as colloidal germanium it can even be consumed as a tonic or supplement. The compound is known to have toxic effects on some bacteria. It helps in the prevention of both cancer and AIDS. It is also used for treating cancer as a nutritional supplement. This substance may improve the immune system, increase a person’s blood level oxygen supply, give the person extra energy and stomp out any free radicals in their system. Colloidal germanium is also used to shield persons from radiation.

Colloidal germanium can also be used for treating vision problems, arthritis, high blood pressure or heavy metal poisoning as in mercury or lead poisoning. To find out if you are deficient in germanium you can opt for a hair analysis which will reveal if sufficient stores of germanium are present. Almost all natural remedies have higher than average amount of germanium in them and some of the most effective herbs available are the ones with the highest levels of germanium in their compositions. This substance, being so tiny in structure works at the molecular level to eliminate the menacing free radicals, in particular each cell’s unburnt hydrocarbons.

Raw germanium ore is a rare earth element, it is grayish white with a metallic luster and its crystalline structure mimics a diamond’s structure. Raw germanium retains its luster even when exposed to air at room temperature. It is also brittle and crystalline in this raw state before any other forces or substances are added. Colloidal germanium, that germanium which is in a colloidal state of suspension where solid particles remain floating in other substances for a length of time or permanently, can be controlled in the size of its germanium particles by the use of germanium precursors with different reactivities. As the particles of germanium increase in their size their mono-domain state becomes a state with multiple polarization domains. By studying this effect you can develop a better understanding of nanoscale systems as it applies to phase change processes and polar ordering.