Colloidal Iron

Most people are not aware that mineral therapy can relieve major health concerns. Millions of Americans suffer from stress and mental related issues that may be significantly reduced by maintaining proper iron levels. Colloidal iron is a vital mineral to almost every human function. One of its most important jobs is to aid in the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen to the lungs and other important human tissue. Not only is iron essential to the respiratory system but proper iron levels helps to prevent disease and even helps your body manufacture DNA. With such an important role in your daily life it is critical to make sure you are getting the proper levels because too much or too little could prove very dangerous.

The level of iron in your body affects you in a major way. The biggest medical issues connected to iron are damage to your immune system, constipation and over all feelings of weakness. Colloidal iron is extremely important in pregnant women. Studies have shown that women with low iron have a greater risk of premature birth. On the flip side too much iron can have deadly affects because in high doses iron can be toxic. In the US, iron poisoning is a leading cause of pediatric deaths (usually by accidental overdose.)

So now that you know how important colloidal iron is you may be wondering what you can do to control it. The number 1 management technique is diet control. Red meat is a great source of iron but there are other alternatives. Try adding foods like clams, cooked shrimp, tofu, dry cereal, lentils and baked beans. These foods are all excellent sources of iron and mixing iron rich grains will ensure that you don’t develop constipation issues. Also drink water with meals because certain drinks like carbonated sodas and tea can actually prevent your body from properly absorbing iron.

With so many other challenges to face in life everyone can appreciate the value of a healthy mind, body and soul. As discussed what you put into your body can have a huge impact on your well being. So if you find yourself feeling down, extremely fatigued and/or stressed talk to your doctor. Iron deficiency could very well be the culprit.