Colloidal Silver Generator

A colloidal silver generator is a device that utilizes technology and regular silver, distilled water and electricity to change the behavior of the silver particles. It creates a solution in which microscopic, electrically charged particles of silver are suspended in a liquid. When the liquid is prepared properly, manufacturers tout its use as an antimicrobial tool that comes without the negative side effects associated with prescription antibiotic medicines.

Home-based colloidal silver generators are the most popular “colloidal” device in today’s culture, at least of devices that bear “colloidal” in their title. This is connected to the widespread use of colloidal silvers, some of which are produced in home-made batches using a home-based colloidal silver generator to save money.

The history of colloidal silver is a relatively long one; early Greek and Roman civilizations were familiar with its usefulness and desirable effects, and its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and immune-suppressive properties and effectiveness against parasites have been documented. A new interest has been generated in colloidal silver in recent times and has been growing in use with such things as pool treatments, agriculture and industry to kill a wide variety of unwanted pathogens. It has been reported for use with the treatment of superficial burns on the skin, treatment of acne, gastritis, psoriasis, eye, ear and mouth infections, yeast infections and as an anti-inflammatory. In addition to treating diseases in humans, colloidal silver mixtures have also been used to treat the canine Parvo virus, and are routinely used to treat horses before breeding and to keep race horses in good health.

In order to create colloidal silver, a common procedure is used with minor variations from one device to the next. Essentially, an electrode of pure silver is placed into purified water. The electrical current is what changes the silver particles and creates the mixture. Many generators available for consumer purchase tend to generate atoms and crystals of these regular silver particles.