Colloidal Sulfur

Colloidal sulfur is a suspension of fine sulfur particles, usually in a gum base. A good way to think about this is if one were to grind up pure sulfur and dust it into a gelatin mix before it firmed up. Colloidal sulfur is a homeopathic “natural” remedy used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Collodial sulfur can be taken orally or mixed with other ingredients and used as soap or shampoo.

Sulfur is lighter weight element, and can serve as a powerful antioxidant, removing free radicals of oxygen and fluorine. Sulfur is required for human life and is a critical element in human metabolism. Sulfur is present in all human proteins, as well as giving strength to hair and skin. Certain vitamins contain sulfur. Sulfur is obtained naturally through the consumption of eggs and certain plants. It is possible for vegetarians and vegans to become deficient in sulfur. Sulfur is widely available in very pure form (greater than 99.9%), so colloidal sulfur products should not contain metals or other contaminating substances. Sulfur is an inexpensive, element that can be obtained from various natural sources, including from outgassing from volcanic areas.

Colloidal sulfur is also used in several FDA-approved products, although not for the treatment of skin conditions but for medical imaging, which involves giving the sulfur intravenously. Colloidal sulfur is non-toxic as it is not absorbed into the body tissue or organs.

A solution of sulfur has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the removal of “red rash”, for thousands of years. Colloidal sulfur cream, which is the modern version of this, using modern ingredients, is used in the same manner, by applying a cream to the affected area. It is usually necessary to apply this cream on a daily basis to the affected area until the condition resolves.

Taken internally, colloidal sulfur is thought to circulate in the blood and scavenge free radical oxidants by chemically binding to them. These products are then cleared and excreted normally by the body. It is estimated that order to get the full benefits of colloidal sulfur, it should be used as a regularly taken supplement. Colloidal sulfur has the same chemistry when applied topically to the skin. Overall, colloidal sulfur is a safe substance that has been used throughout human history as a treatment for skin conditions, and can be used today as an effective diet supplement.